New features to quickly sell your files online

We take selling downloads seriously. And because of that, we’re always striving to keep improving the features that make our service the choice of many users looking to sell their files online, but also giving you new options through time to make sure you don’t go anywhere else. Here’s a few things that we’ve been adding since we started, just to help you sell your files in a quick and painless way.

– Expiry dates & Quantity

Do you want to keep limited availability for a certain item? We got you covered. With this feature, you can put an expiry date to any of your files, so they will be only available for a certain time. You can also set the times they can be used. For example, a couple of times or just once.



– Customised Buttons

In case you’re looking to share your files outside our platform, our sharing buttons are customisable so they’ll blend right in —no matter the design of the website you’ll put them in. Using this menu, you can choose both background and text color easily.


– Skip to Checkout

If you want to skip your product page on Digitalsellz and send your clients straight to the checkout page, then this is your tool. Selecting this option, you’ll be ready to share the direct checkout link for any of your items, but make sure you set a description before so they’ll know what they’re buying :).

checkout link

– Product List

Fancy putting something as first on the list even if you added it a long time ago? This feature allows you to arrange all products just the way you want, which can be helpful while making a sale or highlighting any particular items.


– Multi-currency payments

Our platform allows you to get paid in pretty much any currency you want: US Dollars, Euros, Pounds or Yen, you name it. Using Paypal, you can get your money in the currency of your choice, just make sure to activate it in this menu first!


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