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The core purpose of DigitalSellz is to deliver an excellent platform that is designed around the needs of its clients. We have produced a modern yet simple locale which enables you, the merchant, to market and sell all your digital goods online, when and where you want from one streamlined, secure and trustworthy site.

Our website is steered towards ensuring our clients have ultimate control over their products and marketing. We provide you with the full capacity to elect your desired target market via whichever business channel you see fit. You can choose to display your product anywhere online, whether it’s on blogs, websites or social network stations, you have the power! All this is with thanks to our straightforward selection of customisable direct links and embed options.

Here at Digitalsellz security is of the upmost importance and we want you, the client, to feel 100% secure in the knowledge that your product is protected and safe. Rest assured that we use secure tokens for every click that you make and all platforms are encrypted without exception…. We even have our own bug program. So if you have any hacker friends out there, go ahead and give us your best shot!! We challenge you…

Getting started is really simple; all you need is a product, an email address and a PayPal account. Every sale you achieve is paid directly into your PayPal account from the buyer himself. We merely act as a liaison between the buyer and seller. We don’t have access to any personal information or passwords. We are just here to ensure that both get their products and money, respectively. Once both parties are satisfied and the payment has cleared, we charge a small fee of 3% to the sellers account (Buying items is exempt from fees, making your product more attractive).

1) Uploading your digital goods

Once you’ve created an account, just log in and hit the “Upload Product” button. You will then see this screen below. From here you can upload your file and create a product profile, detailing everything you want the buyer to know!

uploading 1

The next step is to begin sharing your product with the World! Our easy to use site will guide you through the process of sharing your product-link across the internet and start selling digital downloads. You will also with customizable options such as electing the colour of your embed button ensuring that it will fit perfectly in any place.

uploading 2

Voilà! Below you can see one merchant’s product (in this example a song from DJ Rodrigo Laffertt). This is how your merchandise will appear to clients…

uploading 3

2) Using direct links or embed codes to sell downloads

In case you didn’t quite catch it in the first step, here’s a more detailed look into the sharing options. At this stage you’ll have to select how your embed buttons will look by choosing text and background colour. In addition you just have to add your own direct link to the item you’re selling in the bottom box as shown.

using direct links and embed codes

3) Checking your stats on the Dashboard

If you’re familiar with other online services, then you’ll know the Dashboard is the place to go when wanting to see how everything is going. In this case, you can check stats for all or just some of your items, and reviewing it in the form of a monthly report.

4) Getting news about updates or products

Here you can follow news and product updates from other users you like.

5) Setting up e-mail updates

Have something new to offer? Want to keep your clients up to date with your latest products and upcoming events? Then this is the option to use. It allows you to send product updates, newsletters or other important information to your customers as and when you like so they never miss a thing!

email updates

6) Making discount codes

Feeling in the mood for a big sale? Our website is all set and ready to help you with that. Sharing discount codes is simple and defined by you. Simply select the item you want to put on offer and choose the discount percent. Then just share the discount code with whoever you want and sit back and watch the sales come in!
discount codes

7) Viewing past orders

This page allows you to keep track on every order details of all your orders. You can also download all details in CSV format.

past orders

8) Checking your purchase history

This area contains all the purchases made with your account, including dates, prices paid and product history. There’s also a handy download link for every single one of them.

purchase history

If you are not already registered at digitalsellz, you can register here

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